Why BlackBox?

3 min readMar 1, 2023

Thanks for visiting my medium, this article gives you information about how to Black Box and usage of Black Box Extension. Also, how to setup black box in your vs code.

What is Black Box?

Black box is a powerful AI tool to get the information related all the programming languages and also it helps to write the code much faster by using black box.

You can search the coding related in Blackbox ai in multiple programming languages like Java, Python and JavaScript etc. Also, by using Blackbox Ai extension you can ask a question based on question it will give the information related to that question. E.g., how to do filter in array?

For more information please visit. BLACKBOX AI (useblackbox.io)

Here why we need to use Blackbox ai means simple for do code faster and easy to search.

Also, you can install from vs code marketplace. Blackbox — Visual Studio Marketplace

Please find the below steps to setup Blackbox extension in vs code.

Step 1. Open Vs code.

Step 2. Go to extensions section and search for Blackbox.

Step 3. Click on install button.

Step 4. After click on install button, you will see installed status and disable button.

Step 5. Click on Disable button, then you will see the enable button after that click on enable button. You will see the message stating that “This extension enabled globally”.

Step 6. Click on Ctrl + shift + p the small popup will be opened on the header and Seach for Enable Blackbox auto complete.

Step 7. Click on Enable Blackbox auto complete option.

Step 8. After that click on Ctrl + N to create new file.

Step 9. After that add the question / queries like below.

I hope you understand, what is Blackbox ai and how to implement Blackbox extension in the vs code.

You can search the questions / queries not only through extension it just to save the time. You can search also in the browser by using Blackbox search website. Code Search (useblackbox.io)

Issues with setup the extension in vs code, please refer this official Blackbox video.

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