Set up mongo dB online using mongo dB atlas and Import data in 25 Steps.

6 min readAug 19, 2023

Hi everyone! In this article, I explain about how to set mongo dB online using mongo dB atlas and in the next article will tell you how to set up mongo dB in node js curd app. It helps you to read and understand my previous articles easily.

Apologies for delay in posting this article.

Please find the below steps to set up the mongo dB atlas.

Step 0. Before setting up the mongo dB atlas, you need to know what the use of mongo dB and mongo dB atlas is.

Mongo dB is a no SQL database. In mongo dB data will be stored in the form of collections and documents. and the document looks same as JSON object.

Mongo Atlas is a cloud based, and it will manage the data in the cloud.

Step 1. Click on the below link to open the mongo dB atlas.

Mongo db atlas link

Step 2. Click on the Sign in button.

Step 3. You will see the sign in page and also sign-up link then click on that link.

Step 4. You will redirect to sign up page and give the required details and click on sign up button. Else you can login with google or github by clicking on those buttons.

Step 5. After successfully signing up, you will get the verification mail. Go to your Gmail account and verify it.

Step 6. After verified, you will see the below screen stating your mail id successfully verified and along with continue button. Click on continue button.

Step 7. It will redirect you to success page. fill the details and click on finish.

Step 8. After clicking on finish, then it will redirect you to deploy page and selection options click on create.

Step 9. Set up user by giving username and your password, click on create user.

Meanwhile, you can add multiple users if you want.

Step 10. Set up your local environment by giving the IP address it will be accessible everywhere. You can use it in other network also, but if you want to access on your network (Wi-Fi) you need to give your Wi-Fi Ip address.

After that just click on finish and close.

Step 11. Click on go to database button. You will see the database deployments screen.

Step 12. Click on browse collections, you will see two options either you can click on load a sample dataset or add my own data option.

Step 13. Click on add my own data option and give the db, collection name. Click on create.

Step 14. It will create collection for you. If you select other option (load a sample dataset) it will provide you a data for you.

Step 15. After that click on overview and click on connect one popup window will be open.

Step 16. Click on compass option, another popup window will be opened.

Click on copy icon which is highlighted in red and store it.

Step 17. Download mongo db by using below link and install it. Once done please go for the next step.

Download MongoDB Community Server | MongoDB

Step 18. Once setup had completed, please open mongo dB compass in your laptop. It will show like below.

Step 19. Click on new connection and paste the connection string on uri part.

Step 20. Click on save and connect, the popup will be display on the screen. Give the dB name and select your favorite color for identification.

After that click on save and connect, the new window will be display on the screen and you can see the list of dbs. from right side menu.

Step 21. Click on mydb database and select users collection. you can see the details of users collection on middle of the screen.

If you have the data, you can import and also you can create, update, delete, modify collection from your system. This way you and your friends code, develop the application together by using mongo dB atlas.

I thought, up to now you are clear right, if any issues please go through from all the steps. Did I miss anything, please update me in comments sections or write to my mail. I will correct the article.

Step 22. Set up is complete, now am importing my data for my backend setup. It will help you to run my node js app in your local.

Please click the below google drive link to download the json files for import data inside the mongo db.

Google Drive Link

Open mongo dB atlas, connect to mongo dB online connection and click on “+ “icon to create new collection.

A popup will be display on the screen, give the collection, database name and click on create database.

Step 23. After that, click on node js5 dB and click on users collection.

click on the import data and select the nodejs5.users file from file manager.

the new window will be opened and click on import button to import the data into users collection.

Step 24. After import process done, you can see the data in the user's collection looks like in below way.

I can show import for all the collections, but the article length will be huge. I will share the images of other collections in the download link.

Step 25. Same way imports all the collections data which I provided in the downloaded file. I will tell you how to setup my node js server in separate tutorial.

I hope you imported all the files successfully. The final database looks like below way.

Thanks for reading the article. This is Srikanth, Namaste!

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