Importance of Metal Health😊.

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In this article, I will be explaining the importance of Metal health and its advantages, disadvantages and how its causes our health, etc. Let’s get into the topic.

Disclaimer: This Article is purely for educational and awareness purposes only.

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What is Mental Health?

Mental health is including psychological, emotional and social well-being. It impacts how we act, think, behavior to others. It also helps to how to be handling stress and healthy choices. It will be important in our life from childhood to adulthood.

A good mental health helps a person to do productive things in his daily life like handling the clients, maintaining healthy relationships and children will be more active in their academics.

A poor metal health may lead to increase the risk of health issues like heart attack, Diabates, obesity.

Why It is important?

Mental Health is playing very crucial rule in our day-to-day life. Example, too much of work tensions, deliverables, losing a person etc. due to this people are getting depression, trauma, social stigma.

For these reasons we need to maintain a good mental health to avoid these problems and stay healthy.

Not only Mental Health, also we need to maintain physical health. These two are distinct. If the person maintains physical health and mental health in proper way, then he would be a good well-being undoubtedly.


According to the case studies, WHO said after covid pandemic, the mental illness cases were increased due to the loneliness, losing job/partner etc.

Mental illnesses are among the most common health conditions in the United States.

  • More than 1 in 5 US adults live with a mental illness.
  • Over 1 in 5 youth (ages 13–18) either currently or at some point during their life.
  • About 1 in 25 U.S. adult’s lives with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression etc.

In earlier days suicide is different cases, but nowadays suicide rates are increased due to depression and anxiety.

Few People are addicted to games, social media facing mental illness due to not getting likes, comments for their posts.

Men are facing more medical illness than women due to the financial problem. Few of the women facing depression after giving birth to child. Medical illness increased more in rural areas. Most of them are not interested to share with others.

Signs mental health problems

These are the below symptoms,

  1. Sudden anger / Too much Confusion or Worry
  2. Depression / Anxiety / Stigma / Isolation
  3. Loneliness / Feeling very Tired / Too much irritation /Family Problems
  4. Sadness / Crying inside / Stressful Situations.
  5. Too much using social media / smart phones/ addicted to games.
  6. Panic Disorder / Eating Disorder / Personality Disorder
  7. Withdrawal from friendship / Shy away from others
  8. Suicidal thoughts / Harm himself / Harm others / Fight with relatives
  9. Weekend immune system

In children, It may different.

  • Not interested to go to school.
  • Too much eat or less eating.
  • Too much active ness/ lazy ness.
  • Behaves differently in different situations.
  • Parent forcing to score more in academics, it may lead to depression.

If the above symptoms are showing more than 20 days, please check with the advisor or seek for help.

Mental health also effects physical health and some times it would be vise-versa.

What causes mental health problems?

A number of factors are there to contribute medical health problems.

a. Too much use of alcohols/ drugs

b. Smocking Habits

c. Chemical Imbalance in brain

d. Increased cortisol hormone/ too much stress

e. Trauma, anxiety, stigma etc.

f. multi-tasking

g. few friends / few relations / Isolation

How to cure mental health problems?

These the below activities to cure and get the good mental health.

  1. Learn coping skills.
  2. Daily meditation
  3. Think positively!
  4. Gratitude Journal / Journaling / Navel writing
  5. Book Reading.
  6. Avoid Junk food and try to eat Sathvik food.
  7. Maintain Healthy relationships with your loved ones.
  8. Do exercise, sleep early and wake up early. / Eat well
  9. Seeking therapy
  10. Take intervals while working.
  11. Stop using phone at night.
  12. Stay happy with what you have.

What are the benefits of good mental health?

These are the below benefits of mental health.

  1. Improving our mood
  2. Reduced anxiety and Stress.
  3. Inner Peace
  4. Healthy relationships
  5. Thinking more clearly.
  6. Higher Quality of Life / Better Productivity
  7. Sleep Cycle will improve.
  8. More Active throughout the day.
  9. Increase self-esteem/ Self-confidence and focus.


My conclusion is very simple and a regular dialogue “Stay Safe and Healthy”. Prioritise your mental health and physical health rather than unnecessary things.

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